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In the POA’s continuing effort to provide residents with accurate, timely, and useful information, the Communications Department utilizes a variety of informational tools, including the following.


Plantation Living

Current news and historical information are provided to residents, the general public, and off-site property owners via the monthly newsletter. In addition to news, paid advertising is accepted. Advertising revenue for 2019 greatly exceeded the annual target, finishing the year with the highest amount in Plantation Living history. We continue to receive positive feedback from advertisers and residents. Multiple printing bids are periodically obtained in order to maintain the best cost for value to the POA. Since 2013, the Department has produced three color issues each year which increased in 2017 to four color issues (March, June, September, and December). In 2019 there were six color issues of Plantation Living, rotating every other month after negotiating printing costs. For 2020, we are proud to annouce that Plantation Living will be printed in color all 12 months of the year.

Plantation Living underwent a design change in 2019, giving the newsletter an updated and fresh look. A substantial savings in postage costs has been achieved due to signing up new, out-of-town Property Owners to receive Plantation Living via email, rather than automatically mailing the newsletter to them. The Department continues to promote the viewing of the color versions of the newsletter online.

Annual Report

The Communications Department designs and coordinates the printing and distribution of the Annual Report and the Annual Meeting election materials. In 2019, the Audit was printed separately from the Annual Report materials due to the Short-Term Rental Amendment election. The Board has granted the POA permission to print the Audit separately again for 2019 due to the early Annual Meeting date. This also saves the POA a large amount of money by being able to print fewer copies and save on postage. Hard copies will be available at the Annual Meeting once it is completed, but they will also be available in the POA Service Center, and on our website.

The History of HHP Booklets

These historical booklets were finalized in December 2016 for sale. The HHP Conservancy Foundation sponsored the printing of the booklets and proceeds will be returned to benefit the foundation. In hopes to sell more books in 2019, the Communications Committee decided to ‘rebrand’ them by naming them ‘The History of HHP’ rather than ‘General Howard A. Davis’ booklets. This was a huge success, selling 121 copies in 2019. You can purchase this book at the POA Service Center.

WEBSITE: www.hiltonheadplantation.com

After HHP’s challenging days during Hurricane Matthew in October 2016, and every hurricane scare since, the Communications Department stayed alert through Hurricane and Tropical Storm scares. Nevertheless, the Department was extremely busy sending multiple daily emails to keep residents informed and encouraged.

Electronic Community Announcement Boards

Working in conjunction with the Administration and Maintenance Departments at the end of 2010, the Communications Department was involved in the introduction of the first electronic announcement board at HHP’s Main Gate. A second board was added in March 2013 at the Cypress Gate. The Department is responsible for uploading daily messages to the community.

Communications Projects

The Department is involved in presenting information to the residents for various projects such as:

4,000 acres of breathtaking natural beauty.

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