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The Hilton Head Plantation Property Owners' Association (HHPPOA) represents the property owners of Hilton Head Plantation.

The HHPPOA is run by a nine-member elected Board of Directors which set Plantation policies concerning governance, recreation, security, communications, architectural standards, covenants enforcement, management, and maintenance of the facilities owned by HHPPOA.

Governing Documents:(others can be found under Documents/Forms/Minutes)

Amended Declaration
 Amended By-Laws
Covenants - Class "A" Residential Building Standards

How the Planned Community Concept Works

Hilton Head Plantation Property Owners Care About Their Community

  1. Plantation property owners work to maintain and enhance property values
  2. Plantation property owners volunteer for advisory committees including:

No time to volunteer?

We care about your opinions! The HHPPOA encourages input from residents.

HHPPOA Board of Directors

March 2021 - March 2022


 Jon Heron  President  Chairman, Executive Committee
 Lori Schmidt  Vice President  Chairwoman, Strategic Planning & Nominating
 Jim Lucas  Treasurer  Chairman, Finance Committee
 David Pollock  Secretary  Chairman, Maintenance Committee


 Jordan Berliner  Chairman, ARB - Architectural Review Board
 Rex Garniewicz  Chairman, Recreation Committee
 Ann Schwab  Chairwoman, Communications Committee
 Ed Schottland  Chairman, Covenants Committee
 Betsy Weppner  Chairwoman, Security & Safety Committee

HHPPOA Organizational Chart-at-a-Glance

The following illustrates the organizational structure of the HHPPOA created to provide services for Hilton Head Plantation property owners.

As you can see from the chart, HHPPOA is comprised of property owner members, a volunteer governing body that includes a nine-member Board of Directors and its advisory committees, and a staff of customer service professionals representing six departments.

Hilton Head Plantation POA Volunteer Opportunities

There are plenty of ways to get involved in your community as a volunteer. One of those ways is to join a HHPPOA committee.

Call (843) 681-8800 or e-mail us at hhp@hhppoa.org for more information on how to join a committee, and for other volunteer opportunities in your community.

The HHPPOA committee system depends on you. This very active committee system, operating in an advisory capacity to the HHPPOA Board of Directors, relies on civic-minded, interested property owners volunteering their time, talent, and energy to sit on HHPPOA committees and advise the Board on matters of concern to the community.  Most committees are comprised of six members plus a Board member who serves as Chair.

Following is a description of the HHPPOA committees and their functions. To contact a HHPPOA staff person about one of the following committees, send an e-mail to the appropriate staffer here. A printable Interest Form for POA Committees is located in the Documents section of our Website.

Architectural Review Board

This group meets once a month to review all property improvement requests submitted by residents for new home construction and any exterior changes or additions to Hilton Head Plantation homes. Volunteers for this committee should have a familiarity with the Plantation and its basic architectural guidelines. Some form of architectural, engineering, or design background, and the ability to read blueprints and understand building facts, would be helpful.

Chairman - Jordan Berliner
Members: Dale Strecker, Brad Hix, Bob Manne, Don Schnackel, James Slavetskas, Bob Zinn, Carlton Dallas (alternate), and Jack Toti (alternate).

Finance Committee

This committee meets monthly and provides expertise and recommendations to the Board on financial and administrative matters and in the planning of a program of asset management. The committee also reviews and makes recommendations regarding development and allocation of the POA's financial resources. The committee reviews the HHPPOA Operating Budget and the adequacy of insurance coverage.

Chairman - Jim Lucas
Members: Jeff Heslop, Paul Lambdin, Keith Schlegel, Cynthia Taylor, Bob White, William Zurilla, Jerry Cutrer (alternate), and Doug Larkin (alternate).

Communications Committee

This committee meets monthly and oversees the HHPPOA's communications effort, including Plantation Living and HHPPOA Website policies, marketing, and promotions. Members provide input on publication policy, advertising, and other Plantation-wide communications issues, including new technology.

Chairwoman - Ann Schwab
Members: Barbara Conway, Bill Childs, Louise Dreuth, Joanne Foggy, Stu Klausner, Sue Henderson, Katherine (K.C.) Bush (alternate), and Sheryl Webber Washington (alternate).

Election Committee

This committee recommends election procedures and holds the official responsibility for validating the election ballots. The committee is responsible for conducting the ballot counting and presenting the official election report at the POA's Annual Meeting in March.

Recreation Committee

This committee meets monthly to advise and assist the Board in developing policies and programs relative to community leisure-time programs. Committee members are to represent the program interests of the entire community and are not appointed to promote a specific leisure activity.

Chairman - Rex Garniewicz
Members: Richard Dugan, George Haley, Bob Huisman, Earle Nirmaier, Margita Rockstroh, Mary Wilcox, Stephanie Dunn (alternate), and Dave Morse (alternate).

Security & Safety Committee

This committee meets monthly to advise the Board on policies regarding the protection of life and property of HHPPOA owners and residents.

Chairwoman - Betsy Weppner
Members: James Cooper, Scott Croye, Mike Dreuth, Dean Morrison, Lester Taylor, Maury Tepper, Tim Henderson (alternate), and Paul Underwood (alternate).

Covenants Committee

This committee meets monthly to advise and assist the Board in developing fair and consistent policies regarding compliance by owners and residents with the provisions of the Hilton Head Plantation Property Owners' Association Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions and the Rules and Regulations as determined by the Board.

Chairman -Ed Schottland
Members: Bill Bender, Bob Clemens, Margie Lechowickz (alternate), John Eddy, Steve Schwab, Lois Wilkinson, Cynthia Taylor (alternate), and Donald Flora. 

Maintenance Committee

This committee meets monthly to advise and assist the Board in developing policies for the preservation and enhancement of the physical assets and infrastructure of the HHPPOA, particularly in regard to the maintenance of and improvements to the buildings, grounds, roads, and facilities.

Chairman - Dave Pollock
Members: Roger Benning, Cynthia Bolton-Gary, Bob Gluszik, Mike Harris, David Morse, Neal Post, Earle Nirmaier (alternate), and John Vogt (alternate).

Nominating Committee

This committee meets in the fall and winter, as necessary, to carry out their duties. The committee reviews the applications of members seeking to become candidates for the Board of Directors. When making their selection, the committee considers such factors as length of residency, service to the Plantation, prior experience, education, and other relevant qualifications. The committee is chaired by the Vice President of the HHPPOA Board.

Chairman - Lori Schmidt
Members:  Jim Collett, Terry Conway, Toney Mathews, Harry Meyers, Jim Ogden, Dick Sell, Werner Sicvol, and Doug Skelly.

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