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We began 2019 with our road repair contractors removing root damaged areas on our roadways in preparation for the spring asphalt overlay. This process is known as “cut and patch” and is usually performed throughout the year totaling close to 4,000 square yards of road repair. Our leisure paths are repaired using this process as well. The road resurfacing process is known as “mill and overlay” and is the task of grinding or milling away the deteriorated cracked surface of the road and reapplying a layer of new asphalt. This provides a sealed smooth surface and protects the roadbed below. Approximately three miles of our roadways were milled and overlayed this year and the milling spoils were used to improve the Whooping Crane Conservancy parking area. Road striping included Pineland Road and Myrtle Bank Road and our gated entrances, as well as numerous crosswalks and stop bars.

We completed two major beach renourishments at Pine Island with the Town of Hilton Head Island funding a large portion of the upland source material needed for this project. We worked with the Town of Hilton Head Island’s Stormwater Department to complete several major drainage improvement projects including the Main Street Outfall, the Outfall located at the intersection of Dolphin Head Drive, and Seabrook Drive. Major pipe replacement along a section of Jingle Shell Road and the completion of the outfall on Old Fort Drive were also accomplished. Our in-house staff made several point repairs to damaged drainage pipes and basins and reestablished positive flow by cleaning and regrading several ditches and swales.

Other completed projects included exterior painting of the POA Service Center and Security Buildings, interior painting of Spring Lake Pavilion walls, painting steps and handrails at the Spring Lake Pool bridge, installation of outdoor ceiling fans at Spring Lake Tennis, curb repairs and the new task of changing out pool equipment pumps, motors, and furniture slings. Our daily tasks included the grooming and minor resurfacing of the Spring Lake Tennis Facility Tennis and Bocce Courts, event set-ups, mulch deliveries, light outages, minor electrical repairs, minor plumbing repairs, and upgrades, cleaning, paint touch-ups, and repairs of all street signs. We clean or change HVAC system filters and provide janitorial services at all our facilities.

Our maintenance personnel build, assemble, and install new mailboxes and repair damaged components of older ones when possible. Stop by the POA Service Center with an empty jar with a lid and we will give you some touch-up paint for your mailbox or post and paper slot. See the front desk for all your mailbox needs.

The 2019 hurricane season brought Hurricane Dorian dangerously close to our coast and with it came the preparation and recovery work involved with such storm systems. Minor repairs were needed at our beach access boardwalks, bluff steps, and perimeter fences. Downed or damaged tree removals cost over $50,000 with most of the debris hauled to our temporary “Woodhog” grinding site located next to the ballfield on Surrey Lane to be ground into viable mulch. The mulch was distributed throughout the Plantation. Along with Security Staff, maintenance personnel remained in place and available throughout our bout with Hurricane Dorian.

HHP residents have access to walking or bicycling on the 600 linear feet of new asphalt leisure path added along Whooping Crane Way joining Teal Lane to Windflower Court. Thank you, Spring Lake Cluster Homes, for allowing the easement to make this possible.

Thank you Palmetto Coastal Landscaping and the leadership of Ricky Smith, Keith Miller, and John Mitchnuk. Other than their routine tasks that keep HHP looking great, this management team designs and installs all of our annual flower beds. This year Hilton Head Plantation was the first place winner of the coveted Annual Entrance Competition presented by the Island Beautification Association. This is the second time HHP has won this award with Palmetto Coastal Landscaping. Congratulations on a job well done!

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