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Architectural Review Board (ARB)

From the very beginning, the natural environment was the main attraction for homebuyers to purchase and call Hilton Head Plantation their home. The developer determined the overall land plan and infrastructure and then documented the regulations and covenants needed to guide development to meet this goal. One of the tools used to protect this primary asset is the Architectural Review Board’s Guidelines, which were established to ensure that development would proceed in an orderly, well-planned manner and harmony with the natural environment. Every two years the guidelines are reviewed and updated. The Guidelines protect the community from unattractive and irresponsible construction, thus enhancing the overall beauty and cohesiveness of the development, maintaining property values, and protecting the environment.

The responsibility of the ARB is to review, approve and/or disapprove all plans for improvements, accept property owners’ compliance deposits, establish and collect fees, and assess fines for non-compliance. The ARB meets on the fourth Thursday of each month. During the Holiday Season, the meeting dates are moved up one week. Submissions to the ARB are due by noon on the fourth Monday of each month. This year the ARB Office closed during the monthly ARB meetings.

During 2019, 253 homes were purchased by new property owners in our Plantation. As with any existing home purchase, the new owners were anxious to make their newly acquired property their own by remodeling the interior, exterior, and outdoor living spaces. Many new Property Owners visited the ARB office inquiring about the Plantation’s building and remodeling process, review fees, and submission dates. The office noticed an increase in home improvement permit requests for painting, window and door installments, garages, paver driveways/repairs, new landscape designs, and tree removal.

This surge in new ownership has created a building boom in our Plantation. The increase involved 16 new homes being reviewed and approved for building, of which 14 have been approved, one has been completed, and eight are under construction. The ARB works with Property Owners who are interested in enhancing their living space by adding bonus rooms, carolina rooms, screened-in porches, and room additions. Smaller home enhancements would include deck upgrades, driveway/walkways improvements and paver enhancements, window replacement, outdoor kitchens, and redesigning their landscape to add the elements of hardscape.

The Department continues to convert new house plans and renovation plans to CD-ROM. This is an effort to ensure that in the event of a disaster, original house plans will be available for rebuilding. The program cuts down on paper usage, is cost-efficient, and makes it easier for the homeowner to access their house plans. The Department provides copies of plans, ARB Guidelines, and documents, and every improvement a homeowner has made to their property, to realtors, architects, contractors, and surveyors. Providing this information helps ensure that all plans, documents, and submittals are prepared following the ARB Guidelines and satisfy the Town of Hilton Head Island building code and all other governing codes, rules, and regulations.

Tree Mitigation: the ARB adopted this policy to prevent the decline of the existing arboreal assets of the Plantation and provide guidelines for tree removal and mitigation requirements. Trees are an important part of the HHP community. Our common property, open space, and backyards are lined with trees that create a peaceful, aesthetically pleasing environment. Trees increase our quality of life by providing oxygen and improving air quality. The ARB will provide permission to remove trees meeting the established criteria. Information can be found on the POA’s website:
www.hiltonheadplantation.com under the Documents tab/Tree Mitigation. The ARB plays a vital role in keeping HHP in harmony with nature while considering the diverse architectural and design desires of our property owners. In this manner, the ARB and its staff seek to maintain and enhance property values.

ARB Design Guidelines and Review Procedures/Forms

ARB Frequently Asked Questions

ARB Review Checklist

ARB Application for Design Review (Exh D)

ARB Drainage & Tree Compliance Agreement

ARB Tree Mitigation Policy

ARB Letter of Acknowledgement

ARB Recreational Equipment Application

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