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The ARB meets on the fourth Thursday of each month, unless otherwise stated. Applications must be submitted noon Monday prior to the ARB meeting.

Complete architectural plans showing the complete elevation for each Side of the house that is affected is required for any exterior change. For changes/additions that alter the footprint of the house or to add a pool or hot tub, a current as-built survey no more than three years old or site plan is required with the application for approval.

Owners may obtain, at cost, copies of drawings of their residence by submitting a request to the ARB by phone or in person.

Yes. We may issue a permit. Location, size, and color must be submitted in writing to the ARB for approval. See ARB Guidelines.

Yes an application form is necessary for these amenities but there are guidelines that apply to location and screening requirements. In addition, backboards and hoops also require consent signatures. The ARB Administrator will identify which signatures are required. The Recreation Application can be downloaded off this website.

Yes, all repainting/re-roofing projects must have an approved permit issued by the ARB. All re-roofing permits must have a Town of Hilton Head Building Permit.

Yes. Any tree 3 inches or larger in diameter (measured at 2 feet above the ground) requires a permit from the ARB before it can be removed. There are times when a tree appears to be dead but is just temporarily dormant. The ARB Administrator or ARB Landscape Consultant will determine if the tree is dead or dormant.

The setback for an inground pool and its deck is typically 10 feet from the property line (less than 18 inches above the existing grade). If an enclosure is requested, the setback is the required setback for that property. See the guidelines for more specific information.

A permit is required. Any outside work requires a permit.

ARB fees vary from $50 to $1,500 depending on the project. See the application for design review articles and the HHP ARB Guidelines.

The refundable deposit is made to ensure that the project is completed according to the approved plans, is completed in a timely fashion, and the site is clean and orderly. For new construction the Property Owner submits a refundable escrow deposit of $3,000.00. For significant additions or alterations requiring foundation work or a pool installation a refundable escrow deposit of $1,000.00 is required. All deposits are required prior to the issuance of a HHP Building Permit.

If the approval expires, you must resubmit for approval again and pay the appropriate fee.

For New Homes the Hilton Head Plantation Building Permit Agreement expires after 1 year from the date the ARB Final Review approval was signed. For Additions/remodeling the Permit expires in 90 days unless otherwise negotiated.

A demolition permit is required before you can demolish an existing structure. If 50% or more of a structure is to be demolished a fee, a completed application, a copy of the Town of Hilton Head demolition permit, a tree and topo survey are required to obtain a HHP demolition permit.

Minimum sizes vary by communities within HHP. Refer to the HHP ARB Guidelines.

The maximum overall height for single-family homes is as follows: Full size lots: forty feet (40’) Patio lots: Thirty-two feet (32’) Refer to the HHP ARB Guidelines.

Landscape plans may be required to mitigate the impact of an addition or pool on the neighbors or the view from the street.

No fence, including deer fences, shall be erected on any private property.

You need ARB approval and a permit.

You can add to your landscaping without approval but if you remove 25% of the landscape materials, you must get ARB approval for the new design. Refer to Paragraph 5.3.4 of the HHP ARB Guidelines.

Yes approval is required.

Setbacks are measured to the walls of the structure.

Approval is necessary for any exterior change even if you are using the same color. Due to the length of time and debris created by replacing foam stucco, a Building Permit Agreement and escrow deposit is also required for this type repair.

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