Safety Tips

For your own safety, ask yourself these questions... Do I lock my doors whether I am home or not? Do I keep my garage door closed when the garage is not in use? Do I lock my car when it is left in the driveway? Do I keep valuables out of plain sight? Do I have a home security system? Do I leave my outside lights on to illuminate the house? Do I have outside lights operated by motion detectors? Do I remain aware of my surroundings when outdoors? Do I have my exterior doors equipped with deadbolt locks? Do I have a means of securing my sliding glass door? (Many sliding glass doors are installed incorrectly, allowing easy entry.) Do I fill out a HHP Vacation Card when I leave my home for an extended period so Security can check my home for unlocked doors and windows? Do I arrange for someone to pick up my mail and newspaper or stop delivery when I go out of town? Do I report any suspicious activity or person immediately to HHP Security? If you are ever a victim, call 911 immediately.