Download File2018 Annual Report
 Download File2018 Audit Report
 Download File2019 Annual Report
 Download File2019 Audit Report
 Download File2019 Holiday Lighting Contest Ballot
 Download File2019 Holiday Lighting Tour of Homes
 Download File2020 Advertising Rates & Specifications (Plantation Living)
 Download File2020 Fact Sheet
 Download File2020 Hurricane Preparedness Guide
 Download File2020-2024 Strategic Plan Executive Summary
 Download File2021 Approved Budget
 Download FileAmended By-Laws
 Download FileAmended Declaration
 Download FileAmended Rules & Regulations 2019
 Download FileAmendment to Land Use Restrictions
 Download FileAnnual Financials - June 2009
 Download FileAnnual Report - 2009
 Download FileAnnual Report - 2010
 Download FileAnnual Report - 2011
 Download FileAnnual Report - 2012
 Download FileAnnual Report - 2013
 Download FileAnnual Report - 2013 - Audit Report
 Download FileAnnual Report - 2014
 Download FileAnnual Report - 2015
 Download FileAnnual Report - 2016
 Download FileAnnual Report - 2017
 Download FileARB - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
 Download FileARB 2018 Guidelines
 Download FileARB Contractors Checklist
 Download FileARB Property Owner Checklist
 Download FileBoard of Directors POA - Interest form
 Download FileCapital Improve. Transfer Fee -Bd. Minutes-Special Mtg.-March 2007 (Recorded)
 Download FileCapital Improvement Transfer Fee - Amendment (Recorded)
 Download FileClassified Ads Online for Plantation Residents
 Download FileCoffee with Peter - July 29, 2017
 Download FileCoffee with Peter - May 18, 2017
 Download FileCoffee with Peter - September 2020 Meeting Information
 Download FileCommercial Decals - Rules
 Download FileCommercial Services
 Download FileCommittee Guidelines - ARB
 Download FileCommittee Guidelines - Communications
 Download FileCommittee Guidelines - Covenants
 Download FileCommittee Guidelines - Elections
 Download FileCommittee Guidelines - Executive
 Download FileCommittee Guidelines - Finance
 Download FileCommittee Guidelines - General POA
 Download FileCommittee Guidelines - Maintenance
 Download FileCommittee Guidelines - Nominating
 Download FileCommittee Guidelines - Recreation
 Download FileCommittee Guidelines - Security
 Download FileCommittee Guidelines - Strategic Planning
 Download FileContact Information
 Download FileCovenants - Class "A" Residential Building Standards
 Download FileCovenants - Class "B" - Multi-Family Residential
 Download FileCovenants - Class "C" - Zero Lot Line
 Download FileCovenants - Code of Conduct Fine Schedule for Common Properties
 Download FileCovenants - Fine Schedule - Non-Moving Violations 2011
 Download FileCovenants - Juvenile Curfew (also contained in Rules & Regs)
 Download FileDolphin Head Recreation Survey Results
 Download FileEmergency Contact Information Card
 Download FileEmergency Telephone Numbers
 Download FileGuest Pass System - Instructions 071417
 Download FileGuest Pass System - screenshot 1
 Download FileGuest Pass System - screenshot 2
 Download FileGuidelines - Plantation Living
 Download FileGuidelines - Website
 Download FileHargray - In-home Installation - 11/11/16
 Download FileHargray - Presentation to HHP 10/21/15
 Download FileHargray - Presentation to HHP 9/22/15
 Download FileHargray - Q&A - Lowcountry Broadband Plan
 Download FileHelpful Information - HHP
 Download FileHHP - Q&A
 Download FileHilton Head Conservancy Foundation
 Download FileHilton Head Island Schools
 Download FileHurricane - 10/05/16 - Evacuation Map
 Download FileHurricane - Roof Contractors 110916 - no POA recommend.
 Download FileHurricane - Tree Services 110916 - Hurricane - no POA recommend.
 Download FileMayor's Task Force - Final Report - 083110
 Download FileMember in Good Standing
 Download FileMission Statement
 Download FileNew Resident's Checklist
 Download FilePoisonous Critters on Hilton Head Island
 Download FilePool Rules - Also under SL Pool Rules
 Download FileRealtor Open House Procedures
 Download FileRecreational Facilities
 Download FileRegime Contact List 2018-2019
 Download FileRegime Contact List 2019-2020
 Download FileRegime List 2020-2021
 Download FileRoof Contractors 110916 Hurricane no POA recommend.
 Download FileRules and Regulations 2018 - with red line updates
 Download FileRules and Regulations 2019
 Download FileSpring Lake Pool Rules
 Download FileStaff Mission & Standards of Conduct
 Download FileStrategic Plan - Executive Summary - 2014-2018
 Download FileStrategic Plan - Executive Summary - 2016-2020
 Download FileStrategic Plan - Executive Summary - 2018-2022
 Download FileSurvey Results - 2006 Resident Opinion Survey
 Download FileSurvey Results - 2009 Resident Opinion Survey
 Download FileSurvey Results - 2012 Resident Opinion Survey
 Download FileSurvey Results - 2015 Resident Opinion Survey
 Download FileSurvey Results - 2018 Resident Opinion Survey
 Download FileSustainability
 Download FileTown HHI_Zoning_052913
 Download FileTrash and Recycling Rates 1/12/18
 Download FileTree Mitigation Policy_070116
 Download FileTree Services 110916 Hurricane no POA recommend.
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